He thought he could skimp on his superior and now it’s time to learn his lesson. When his boss found out, he decided to teach this boy good manners by raping his ass violently!

Spraying on someone else’s turf is a stupid idea. This otherwise innocent boy will experience the toughest and most disturbing day of his life, when horny gangster catches him with his pants down!

This guy owed some money and he couldn’t pay back. And now he got a chance to pay those ten bucks back by spreading his legs. Of course he didn’t like it, but being tied up, he didn’t really have any choice!

This guy will learn that you shouldn’t mess with mafia guys. The things he’s about to experience are beyond his wildest imagination. Check it out!

He stole from someone you should never steal anything. Straight as he is, he will be forced to suck that rock hard cock and let that guy cover his face by a lot of cum. And all that while being hanged upside down!

Gangster Fuck Review

Gangster Fuck Review
Gangster Fuck

Don’t mess with bad boys! Once you piss them off, they could do things you wouldn’t even imagine! Join us and watch how boring day can turn into brutal punishing rape by horny tough man!

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